Social Media Message Management
A strategic plan for a social media campaign for Superga, an Italian shoe company. I developed this campaign individually, including aspects consisting of a SWOT and competitor analysis, SMART goals, content calendars, and a measurement plan. The presentation below is a 5-minute summary of the plan to present during class.
April, 2019
Management of Promotions
Team-developed audits of Wendy's brand. There are four assignments that were presented to a class of forty students. (Click each image to view the presentation.)
February, 2019
Class Work
December, 2018
Ohio University Multimedia Society
Current President of the organization. I work with a team of four execs to plan weekly meetings and bi-annual networking events to cities around the country.
December, 2018
Malofiej 26: International workshop in Pamplona, Spain
Spring break 2018 was spent in Barcelona and Pamplona, Navarra, Spain for an international infographics workshop and conference. The week consisted of working with other international students, networking with professionals, and listening to presentations from people from Vox, New York Times, and National Geographic.
March, 2018
Fashion Photo / Video in Grand Cayman
During the Winter Break of 2017/2018, a group of students went to Grand Cayman for a fashion photography and videography program. We got field experience doing creative ideation, location scouting, model acquisition, digital asset management, and client management.
January, 2018
Thread Magazine: Web
I work as the web editor on the Thread Magazine executive board. My responsibilities include updating the website with new content and magazine issues, maintaining all pages and ensuring the information is accurate. 
December, 2018
Easterseals Digital Marketing Internship Work
Easterseals is a nationally-run non-profit organization that serves the needs of people with disabilities. During Summer 2017, I served as a Digital Marketing Intern, working with print and web design, event planning, and email campaigns.
June, 2017
ImPRessions Creative Work
ImPRessions is an Ohio University student-run public relations firm. As the Creative Director for the firm, all 12 accounts spoke to me when they needed any creative work done for their business or event. Creative work included logo redesign, headers for social media, flyers for events, etc. I also led a company rebrand with a team of four other ImPRessions members.
April, 2017
Performance Prep and College Admissions Counseling
A woman in my town reached out to me to help with branding her company, Performance Prep and College Admissions Consulting. She explained that she needed to create a better image for her new business, and I collaborated with her from early December into my Spring semester of 2017. I designed a new brochure, as well as a logo that portrayed what her business entailed. I also created help docs for four social medium (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn). I worked with her throughout my winter break of 2016.
January, 2017
Keep America Beautiful Internship Work
I was the Communications intern at KAB, and worked closely with the Art Director and Senior VP of Marketing & Communications. A part of my duties included contacting more than 50 affiliates around the country and creating logos for them that matched the national office's logo. Included in my portfolio are a few of the logos I worked with that got sent out.
August, 2016
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