A little more about me.
Originally from a small Connecticut town by the name of Southbury, I discovered Ohio University by its nationally-known Visual Communications program. I am currently a Junior, continuing to major in Visual Communications, and minoring in Marketing. I am the President of the Ohio University Multimedia Society (OUMS), as well as the Web Editor for Thread Magazine. These roles require lots of attention and devotion, for which I can give both.
Aside from my education, I have had three internships (beginning before I began my college career) in web- and creative-based fields. These internships challenged my comfort zone and gave me the opportunity to learn (and sometimes self-teach) new programs and skills, such as communicating with executives, being a self-starter, and feeling no shame in asking for help. Being exposed to the office culture early has helped me become more professional and mature because of witnessing the potential to where I could see myself grow. I'll admit: I've spent multiple days during those internships dreaming of sitting in the sand with a book, but the experience and connections I was receiving have made the absence of the beach worth it.
I believe that the only way one can stay motivated to achieve something great is through hard work and a positive mindset. Recently, I had an empowering talk with one of my closest friends in Ohio, and clearly explained that we cannot be the person we want to be without being uncomfortable for some time. It is the awkwardness, the being outside of our comfort zone, that helps us grow and become the person we had once wanted to be. By choosing a school 600 miles away from my hometown, by running for President of an organization I had only been a part of for two years, and by applying to internships even before I began college, I have been uncomfortable. I have been restless and antsy to move further, and I have continued to have a positive mindset to get to where I currently am. 
A good bagel also never hurts.
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