VICO2161: Interactive Web Design
Provides an overview of Internet design and user-interface, and provides analytical and technical skills, aesthetic and creativity needed to design for the Web.
VICO2162: Adv. Web Design
Includes the utilization of the human interface, design, Web delivery, information architecture, and creation/production of multimedia-based visuals for Internet delivery.
VICO2401: Multimedia Production (Videography)
Editing and production of audio, video, and multi-format visual storytelling content in a journalistic environment. Introduction to the industry standard software and workflow techniques.
VICO3111: Information Graphics
The visual presentation of quantitative and spatial information. Examines the planning, design, and production of charts, graphs, diagrams, and maps for both print and electronic publication.
VICO3173: Interactive III
Practicing planning, media integration, and production techniques and tools of interactive multimedia.
VICO3420: JavaScript for Web and Data Design
Develops a strong foundation in the JavaScript language. Uses data and assets from outside sources to build  beginning structures of multimedia visuals.
VICO3421: Motion Graphics
Using After Effects, teaches how to layer and composite video and graphics, and add effects such as title sequences, transitions, lower thirds and text animations. Organization skills are a necessity when taking this course.
VICO4188: Interactive Capstone

MKT2020: Marketing Principles
Provides a broad understanding of marketing activities, decisions, and terms with an emphasis on the practices and problems of marketing managers and the analysis of the marketing environment.
MKT3020: Consumer Marketing
Provides an understanding of marketing principles as they relate to marketing to consumers. Adapts the marketing mix to effectively reach consumers. Focuses on consumer research and environmental factors too.
MKT3580: Foundations of Professional Sales
Combines personal selling theory with actual practice. Develops skills needed for a successful career in sales and marketing.
MKT4300: Digital Marketing and Sales Strategies
Intensive instruction on grammar, punctuation, syntax, and usage in contexts designed especially for future journalists. Extensive attention to media examples.
MKT4500: Management of Promotions
Integrates communication theory, concepts and research with in-depth treatment of the following elements of the promotional mix: advertising, sales promotions, public relations, and point-of-purchase communications.
JOUR2500: Strategic Communication
Introduction to strategic communication and overview of related professions.
JOUR3100: Communication Law
Principles and case studies in communication law, constitutional guarantees, libel, privacy, contempt, privilege, copyright, and government regulatory agencies.
COMS3200: Communication and New Technology
Explores the ways in which communication is facilitated by new technologies, and the opportunities for applying theories in both professional and personal contexts.
MDIA2113: Introduction to Social Media
Lays the groundwork for a new form of cultural literacy.
MDIA4120: Advanced Social Media
Applies the basic social media knowledge to an advanced professional and critical study of social networks. Building high-level knowledge and competencies in digital and cultural literacy and idea formations for professional work in media.
MDIA4900: Social Media Message Management

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